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About me

Welcome to Ariane’s website.

My personal experience with BSR:

Ever since I can remember I experienced pain in the knees, the neck and legs, was irritable and often very tired. Yet I accepted these conditions as normal and learned to live with pain every day of my young life. Once I started working as a car mechanic at the age of early twenties, the discomforts and pains increased and eventually I wasn’t even able to ride my horses anymore. Many visits were paid to my doctor and specialists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and many other modalities. It all gave me only temporary relief, nothing permanent. Eventually I ended up having 4 surgeries in about a year’s time to ease 4 herniated discs and remove two cysts. I was pain free for a while after 8 months of rest  but as soon as I started working again, the pain came back. So the cause wasn’t being dealt with, only the effects. I was getting desperate especially after my neurosurgeon’s words: “I think you’ve fibromyalgia. Look it up on the internet and learn to live with it. There’s nothing more I can do for you.”

I never accepted that diagnosis. A little voice told me there must be something out there to help me. My GP sent me to a rheumatologist who was luckily open-minded and refused to inject me with cortizone but advised me instead to try mind-fullness yoga. Looking for such a guide-book I found the BSR book and took it home. From the first lines I knew this technique would help me and that it would become my profession. I started my first session in November 2008 and found myself on the course in South Africa end of April 2009.

After my first session it felt as if a huge weight had fallen off my shoulders. I wanted to jump in the air as a young foal. I wasn’t pain free yet but it had already made a huge difference. I was so excited! Finally something that helped! Slowly the pains and discomforts diminished and I was able to enjoy life again.

I hope my story inspires you to try out BSR as it really helps! I’m the living proof. I can do things now at the age of 38 which were impossible before. Not only did BSR give me an optimal body back but also a free and optimal mind.

In Love and Light,