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What is Equicoaching?

Equine coaching or equicoaching,  is a unique experience that is usually disturbingly franc, a breath of fresh air and a full disclosure in self-honesty.

Horses show us the way to achieve full conscience, here and now. They show us how to be clear and coherent in action, within our interactions with others and with our presence with ourselves.

What to expect from an Equicoaching session?

Through a series of small exercises, the horse becomes a powerful   mirror to:

  • Clarify your  intention, work on your emotion, concentration, non-verbal communication and  visualization.
  • Live fully consciously in the present moment and observe what you are going through and experience.
  • Experience the  fundamental notion of collaboration
  • Try other ways to function   and succeed besides the use of force and control
  • Learn how to trust yourself and the other in the relation that is created.

The horse accelerates the discovery and the access to your potential that you will be able to engage in in order to get the result you are looking for.

“If my involvement is fake, the horse will feel it and will walk away”

Who benefits from Equicoaching?

  • Leaders and entrepreneurs that have team management responsibilities
  • Professionals who have a role of influence
  • High potentials that wish to accelerate their self-awareness and develop their leadership
  • Every curious person with the desire to develop their leadership
  • Small natural team wanting to improve their efficiency and cohesiveness

 What will you gain?

  • Self-awareness and clarity on how you interact/communicate with others
  • The ability to identify, in real-time, how your emotions influence your non-verbal communication.
  • A definition of your vision and how to communicate it effectively
  • Clarity on you expectations and how to position yourself (how do you want to be experienced as a leader?)
  • Plan to carry out the vision with the team and motivate members of your teams to collaborate in order to reach business objectives.