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Animals can also suffer greatly from body stress, especially horses and dogs as they depend on their human friends and caretakers. Animals are like us, humans, very sensitive to stress and will perform less due to stored tension in their bodies with the only difference; they can usually not choose when rest is needed unless they live free in the wild.

BSR and horses

Horses are especially sensitive to body stress and all sorts of diseases. A bad fitting saddle will cause pressure on the spine and the horse will become irritable and difficult to handle to avoid the pain. The rider is also an important factor. If he or she has tensions in the body/ spine he/ she will shift his/ her seat and bring to the horse out of balance. the horse can even start limping if the situation endures.

Emotional issues can also occur. Horses and all animals can morn the loss of a friend of baby and even owner which gets stored as body stress.


It depends from horse to horse and the situation. Usually 3 or 4 sessions are enough. The horse needs 3 days rest after each session. After that light work can be re-introduced.


  • €50 in a 20km radius
  • €60 in a 40km radius
  • If further away I ask €50 plus  travel costs.

Appointments per phone or email.

BSR and Dogs

Dogs who do a lot of agility exercises are more inclined to suffer from body stress. Being stuck between bars of a kennel landing wrongly after a jump in the air are possible causes too. Being abandoned by owners is a big emotional cause as dogs are as sensitive as we humans too.

Nervousness and or being aggressive are often signs the dog isn’t feeling well. There’re many causes of body stress like with us humans, Even puppies are prone to stress just by being born. Infertility can be an effect of body stress etc…


The number of sessions needed depend on the dog and the situation. Usually 2 to 3 sessions are enough to bring them back to balance and vitality.


  • € 20 per session if you come to my practice with the dog.
  • If I come to you travel costs will be added.

BSR and other domestic animals

All animals can benefit from BSR. They are therefore also most welcome to my practice. The fee is € 20 per session. If you come as client yourself I do gladly attend to your pet for free.