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Crystal bath

What is a Crystal Bath?

The Crystal bath is a new and revolutionary therapy method, originating from Brazil. The crystal bed itself is a framework that has seven, hand-carved, clear Quartz Brazilian Crystals  suspended on individual arms above the therapy bed. The crystals are aligned over the major chakras and will be pulsating coloured light through them.

This process opens, cleanses and balances your etheric field, raising the frequency of your energy bodies for deep healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This technique is compatible with all conventional medical practices.

By having a Crystal Bath you are bathing and cleansing your Chakras in Colour and Crystal Healing Energy. When your chakras are not in balance, negative effects can be felt in the body. Each Crystal is set on a special colour and vibrational frequency for optimum effect. The sessions are recommended for comprehensive healing and prevention.

What to expect after a session:

You may feel increased physical, mental and emotional well being; feeling more energized; experience a deep relaxation; feeling more at peace with yourself; feeling less stressed; gaining a deeper spiritual understanding of yourself and your life situations; having more clarity on past events and gaining insight(s) into your future path. Each and every person reports a different effect, each relevant and unique to the person’s own condition, needs and levels of awareness.

How many sessions are needed?

The first session shouldn’t be longer than 30 min to get accustomed to this kind of therapy. Depending on the person and the conditions a session can be done every day but I would rather recommend to spread them out to for example once a week. From the second session the duration can be from 30 to 60 min.

Cost per session: 30€